Having a sister might make you a better human being- research study finds

Sometimes your sister can be so annoying, but then also you know that she has your back and that makes up for everything else!

While on some days you get along, on others, you feel like tearing each other’s hair out.

One thing for sure is that your siblings are a true blessing that you spend most of your life with. Although things may not always be perfect, having a sibling can really have a positive impact on you.

Now what I’m about to tell you is not just general statement! In fact, these are all backed with supporting evidence from research and science.

Here are five of the positive sides of having a sister:

1. The love and bond between you can benefit your mental health

Having sisterly love can improve your self-esteem. For example, the way your sister can act as a motherly figure at times replicates a maternal treatment which increases the feelings of being loved and appreciated. This helps you stabilize your mental health as you feel loved and protected.

2. Sisterly relationships make you more empathetic

Having a sister will make you a more compassionate person as they encourage you to be kinder and therefore more sensitive to others. Certain attractive traits such as thoughtfulness, honesty and sincerity dominate a sisterly relationship which allows you to apply it to other aspects of your life.

3. Improve your interpersonal communication skills

Communication skills have a lot of difficult points about them. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to communicate with certain people, especially in stressful situations. Having a sister helps you improve these skills as you have someone to practice with but more importantly, you can see other people’s perspectives on different matters.

4. It improves your communication in general

Having a sister allows you to tailor your communication so that you begin to understand the differences between communication styles between men and women. It also helps you understand how others thin and then allows you to consider those thoughts when making your own decisions.

5. It makes you more independent

Sometimes struggling with personal issues can have a negative effect on you. By having the support from your sister, you are able to independently do things yourself and reduce your worries as you know that although they are on your side, you will still be able to manage to do things alone.