A 48-piece McNuggets Bucket Meal Now Available at McDonald’s

If you thought that the 20 piece McNugget box was too big, then what are your thoughts on the new 48 piece bucket box?!

As your tummy rumbles in the middle of the night, your thoughts tend to flicker the yellow “M” sign in your head, as that’s the only place that you know that’s open 24/7!

When thinking about what to order, nothing seems more attractive than a whole box of 20 McNuggets with some ketchup. But then you find out that McDonalds do a 48-piece box at an even more attractive price!

The box is a limited edition as a result of a collaboration with the J-pop group NGT48, and before you get your hopes so high, its only available in the city of Niigata!

Each of the limited-edition buckets will come up with an NGT48 trading card. With 25 cards to collect, that’s a massive 1200 nuggets to go through!

The promotion started on December 1, so take it while it’s there!