Retirement Home Hires Strippers at Residents Requests

Growing old doesn’t have to be as boring as we think. If anything, you begin to care less about what people think and just do what you want to do without worrying about other people’s thoughts like you used to do over the last decades of your life.

This story is a about a bunch of ladies residing in Milton Lodge Retirement Home in Colchester, England. The events of the story begin with a wish that is granted by a program run by the home which aims to fulfil the residents’ wishes. The program is called “The Sparkle Initiative”.

The usual wishes can be things like going to see an old far away relative or going out at the promenade. However, Joan Corp, an 89-year-old resident had other plans!

When Joan was asked about her wish, she quickly and boldly said that all she wanted was simply a man.

Initally, her response was thought to be a joke by the staff but they then realised that Joan was not joking and that she was a woman that knew exactly what she wanted.

Joan put an official requires at the Milton Lodge home to bring in a group of male exotic dancers. Although the staff were taken back at first as they wondered if it was appropriate to bring them into a nursing home.


“We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it,” said activities co-director Claire Martin. “We had a look online and found a company called Hunks in Trunks.”

The entertainment company that operates all over the UK was used to having men hired for bachelorette parties and other occasions. Milton Lodge decided to go for the nude butler service.

There were some rules that were told to the hired nude butlers when they came to Milton Lodge. “We asked them to do some harmless flirting, it doesn’t matter how old you are, so why not?” Martin said. “The ladies were really excited, they had all been giggling and they dressed up.”

The 11 resident ladies as well as their 12 relatives were very excited about what was happening. They were served a tasty dinner amongst a long night of flirting and banter.

The ladies were even more lucky as they got themselves each a massage after finishing their three-course meal.

“I had the front seat,” said resident Gladas Smith, 82. “It made quite a change and the boys done well. It was a good evening.”

Even the oldest resident, Doll Jenkins who is 99 was impressed by the service. She even asked them to come back for her 100th birthday!

The exciting story were viral across several UK newspapers. “It’s unbelievable that it has gone so crazy. It was never done for publicity, it was what the residents wanted.” The director of Milton Lodge Trui Snee explained.

Although some people did object to this when hearing about it in the headlines, the staff at Milton Lodge say they don’t care “Our saying is life doesn’t stop because you are in a care home” Trui said. “We will continue to do this as a team and go above and beyond.”

Good for them! Everyone is entitled to have a great time, no matter what their age is!