Man hooks 500,000 lights up to his piano – once he starts playing, the entire neighbourhood are silent.

The Piano Guys truly have it perfected with regards to their performances.

We have witnessed them perform on the Great Wall of China, or other places such as the summit of the Corcovado mountain in Brazil and in Scotland.

Following on from that, one may be excused for not expecting that much from their most recent video – a moment captured where they can be seen performing in a normal American neighbourhood.

However. amongst the quaint houses, The Piano Guys demonstrate their astonishing performance which displays their way of life.

It took them days to set up their equipment and make their set, finally it was time for the guys to bring their Christmas cheer into the world.

Their performance along with the accompanying light show was spectacular to see.

This is particularly true when you consider The Piano Guys used more than an astonishing number of 500,000 Christmas lights all together!

You heard us, 500,000 is right. That meant over 46,000 watts of electricity buzzed around as they performed. Whats even better is the lights were synced with the piano keys, which meant the light show was in fact controlled by themselves.

With the assistance of a drone and multiple camera images helped capture the whole scale of this particular project, The Piano Guys left quiet an impression.

In fact the police were actually called to the scene to investigate a ‘disturbance’.

Thankfully, the arriving officers did allow the team to complete the music video – which we are all very grateful for.

This amazing clip in has spread like wildfire on the web since it was shared, it’s easy to see why.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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