Bruno Mars Pays For 24,000 Thanksgiving Meals for Struggling Families

Many celebrities are famous and wealthy, but this does not mean that they had it all from the start. Bruno Mars is not an exception in this story either.

During his childhood, Bruno was passionate about music from a young age. He came from a family that loved music as his mum enjoyed singing and his dad played the percussion.

Although now a singer himself, he started his career as a music writer for ten years, but he decided to do it himself. It wasn’t until 2010 for him to hit the spotlight and became a singing sensation since.

Bruno Mars has shown many kind gestures over the years and that’s why his latest donation is not something new.

In 2014, he auctioned one of his backstage passes to raise money for children with special needs and ADHD. The pass was sold for a large five figure sum.

In the same year, he made a donation of over $100,000 to the Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation which assists Filipino children that have faced catastrophic conditions due to the typhoon that damaged their country

Later on in 2017, he donated over $200k to Founder of Greater Flint which is a Michigan based charity that was trying to fix the crisis of non-drinkable water.

It seems that Bruno has made many kind gestures to better the lives of others which shows how generous and kind hearted he is.

This year, Bruno has donated a large amount to the Salvation Army which was enough to provide over 24,000 Thanksgiving meals to families in needs. The number is thought to may be the perfect link with the title of his album “24k Magic”.

Bruno has a real love for making others happy and his first show was based in Honolulu which is where he’s from.

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