Firefighters buy a mass of items to family who lost everything in the wildfire

The recent wildfires in California have left devastating effects that have led to the suffering of many. The death toll has increased to over 60 victims with over 500 still remaining missing.

Thousands have left their homes in an attempt to flee the fires and a a result have had their land and homes scorched, leaving many families destitute.

As firefighters have bravely continued to tackle the blaze, they have gone above and beyond like in this story.

Jennifer Fuller and her family are one of the several thousands who have lost their home and all their possessions. She is not attempting to rebuild her life after such a huge emotional and financial loss.

The story begins when Fuller came across some firefighters who were in a grocery store buying some goods. She thanked them for what they did during tackling the blaze and showed her appreciation through her kind words.

As she began to chat with the firefighters, one of them asked her if she had lost her home, to which she responded that yes, she did.

The firefighters were shocked and wanted to show that they cared.
“It’s your lucky day,” they said. “Let’s go to the toy aisle, and mom get what you all need.”

The firefighters then paid for three shopping carts full of goods including toys for her children.

Although a small gesture, it was appreciated by Fuller who had lost everything as a result of the catastrophic Camp Fire. In such difficult times, these kind gestures mean the world to those who are in need.

Fuller posted on social media: “These firefighters see people at the worst times of their lives, that’s part of their job…they too have hearts…the Milpitas Fire Department shared their kindness with us today and made my children so happy and they finally feel like things WILL BE OK.”

What a kind gesture by the firefighters who have already done so much during the wildfires in California.

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