Generous Donation of £500,000 by Sandra Bullock Towards the Californian Fires

We send our prayers to those who have been affected by the catastrophic fires in California.

The latest news reports have reported that the death toll has reached 66 victims in addition to thousands who have been left homeless. The fires have destroyed thousands of acres of land, wildlife, buildings and the livelihood of a large number of Californian residents.

But still emerging from this catastrophe are stories of hope and inspiration.

Guy Fieri set up a food catering tent for the fire workers as they tackled the inferno, whereas Lady Gaga has also been in headlines as she delivered pizzas to a Malibu shelter.

Another on the list of the celebrities that have got involved and their efforts will not be forgotten is Sandra Bullock.


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According to reports by People, the start donated half a million US dollars to support those affected by the fires. Of which $100,000 was donated to the Humane Society of Ventura County in support of animals and $400,00 to the American Red Cross.

During the times when donations and help was needed the most, Bullock provided a statement to the Red Cross about her wishes to become involved.


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“The untold destruction from these fires is heartbreaking, especially following the tragedy at Borderline in Thousand Oaks,” the actress said. “I’m glad to be able to help. We’re all family in this, whether it be human, furry or feathered.”
The Level of Destruction
According to reports today, the number of those missing has reached a peak of over 600 with thousands still remaining remaining homeless. Many are living in temporary shelter tens without any idea of when they will get back to their normal lives.

Both of the main fires have destroyed over 200,000 acres of land killing 66 so far.


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Great Fire, We see you. We bow before your power Your majestic roar of light transforming Everything we thought so solid & sure Into dust. Great Fire, We honor you. Master agent of Transformation You teach us True Radical Release. Not the wishy washy letting go of some comforts & conveniences, no. Us humans. With all our habits. Raw coconut water in plastic bottles, « Oh but I recycle! » No. Not enough. True Radical Release. Great Fire, great modeling of this. When we evacuate We realize how little needs to come with How no thing really matters. When our houses burn We are left with no thing We are left so … Alive. We let go. All that has been lost. It is quiet. We realize. Being together is all our hearts want. And all our business burns away. Us humans, so important is our doing Until theres nothing to do but Be in it. Great Fire, You’ll come teach us Until we learn. “We cant solve the problems With the same kind of thinking we used When we created them.” (Einstein) So wipe our minds clean To dust. Let the Ash inside of us feed Dormant seeds from long ago. Let us remember. Let us pause. Let us not be so haste to “rebuild!” If we build it this way It will burn again. What does it mean To start A New? Regenerate. #firemedicine photo by @kellansworld #wildfire #letuslearn #regenerate #regeneratecalifornia #thegaiaschoolofhealing #woolseyfire #fire

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We would like to thank Sandra Bullock for her kind gesture and our prayers and thoughts are with those that are affected. Let's all share this article on Facebook.