DIY Masterpiece by 15-Year-Old Shocks Pro’s Worldwide- Find Out Why!

Several things spring to mind when it comes to DIY projects, but perhaps the most stunning of pieces that we see are done by professionals who have considerable experience that allows them to ensure every little detail in their work is immaculate.

Classes in woodwork are rather common, but not many are able to have that perfect touch that changes something simple to something incredible.

This 15-year-old decided to add his own creative touches to his work when undertaking a woodworking class in school. Look at the wooden table and how it was transformed.

The 15-year-old posted pictures online on how he made the wooden table and was overwhelmed with messages from surprised DIYers from all over the world.

His creative mind shows how thinking outside of the box can open up a world of further creativity.

Look at the following images to see how this project developed:

1. It begins with a wooden frame

2. He then adds a smaller frame

3. Then the table legs are added

4. The main parts are assembled together

5. A natural wooden stain is applied to brung out the grain in the wood

6. The wiring is then installed

7. A glass mirror is glued on and LED lights are fixed onto the edges of the table

8. The top is placed on

9. A two way mirror is installed and the table is now finished. Now it is time to switch the lights on.

10. Tadaa- an infinity table

11. The table has different coloured lights

12. Amazing

13. It gives an illusion of an infinite portal to another universe.

14. The table unsurprisingly won an award at the school!

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