Can you find all the 8’s in these images??!

Teasing our brains with online puzzles and quizzes can really keep you focused. It also gives you a sense of relief when you get it right- you get this minute of happiness where you feel so chuffed about yourself.

Sometimes, these online puzzles can be hard to solve and more trickier than we initially thought.

However, what can be agreed is that they target different parts of our brain forcing us to use the idle parts to try and figure out how to solve the puzzle.

With the next puzzle, it’s not just the concentration of your brain needed, but also your eyes.

Only 3 out of 10 have got the correct answer

The puzzle instructions are pretty straightforward. The picture is filled with several number 6’s and in between them, there are some hidden 8’s.

The task is to find out how many 8’s there is. But the catch is that you need to count them all within 10 seconds.

Only three out of ten of my friends were able to get them right. Let’s see if you can prove that these statistics are wrong!

So let’s see if you got the right answer.

There are eight 8’s in the above image, 7 are in between the sixes, but one is in the title question!

Let us know if you got it right by posting a comment and share with your friends to see if they are up to the challenge!