Nurse Drives Through the Northern Californian Fires To Conduct A Rescue Attempt

During the coverage of the Northern Californian inferno, an abundance of inspiring stories have been highlighted. One of them is the story of how Allyn Pierce – a nurse- had the courage to drive through the fires using his car to save some people.

The nurse was referred to as a hero by New York Times reported Jack Nicas:

It has been reported that Allyn was a manager of the Intensive Care Unit at Paradise Hospital. The wildfire was not contained as it came close to the hospital. With his quick thinking, Allyn started to immediately help with evacuating the patients before the Camp Fire got even more closer.

The area of Paradise has witnessed horrific scorched lands and homes as a result of the inferno. Scott McLean of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has reported that “Pretty much the community of Paradise is destroyed. It's that kind of devastation.” The area is home to a small population of 27,000 people who have been deeply affected by the fire.

Allyn along with two of his colleagues speedily got into his truck to try and help out. Unfortunately, he found himself in a massive traffic jam made up of those who were also fleeing for their lives.

The flames were surrounding the car and the heat was unbearable. Allyn decided to place his jacket on the window to guard him from the heat. He put some music on by Peter Gabriel in an attempt to try and stay focused and calm in such a problematic situation.

Allyn Pierce must have felt that he was living the last moments of his life as he had even recorded a message to his family saying that in case, he didn’t make it, just know that he did his best to try and survive.

Pierce’s fear was that he would die in melting plastic as reported by the New York Times.

Allyn was more than scared but he tried to calm himself down.

Then the unexpected happened…

A bulldozer appeared out of nowhere and removed the truck that was burning next to him so that he had a chance to escape. But Allyn didn’t escape, in fact he went back to the very heart of the catastrophe in Paradise to help out some residents that required urgent help.

With the collective efforts of doctors, nurses and paramedics, a temporary triage was set up for those who had left the hospital.

Unfortunately, the hospital began blazing as the fire began to consume the building but the authorities were able to rescue over 20 people and loaded them into a van to make it to a safe place.

Allyn thinks that he is not a hero but that he was only doing his job.

He feels that every person of authority during that time were doing their jobs to make sure everyone was safe.

Allyn’s efforts and courage was recognised by global giant car manufacturing company Toyota who offered to replace his Toyota Tundra stating “We're humbled you'd risk your life and Toyota Tundra to drive people to safety. Don't worry about your truck, we're honoured to get you a new one.”

Allyn has sadly reported on Facebook that he has also lost his house to the blaze and said:

“I struggled posting this, but with my house gone and my hospital… I don't know where my job sits. I'm gonna swallow my pride and post this GoFundMe that a kind person in Chico set up for us. This is the only legit GoFundMe that is set up for us. Seperately, there is a Plum Fund that has been set up by friends, but I can't remember the name, so I'll update. This is only for those that want to donate. We will be fine, it will all work out, because it has to.”

We would like to praise the courage of both Allyn and the authorities in bravely working under such devastating conditions whilst risking their safety to protect the lives of others.