Mother is left in shock as she hears the voice of a man coming from her daughter’s watch

Advances in technology have undoubtedly shaped the lives that we life today. Despite the positive results that these technological advancements have caused, there are other more worrying aspects that accompany them.

When you visit any public area, you are surrounded with people stuck to their phones and definitely less interaction in comparison to 20 years ago.

However, we should all remain grateful for these developments that have enhanced our lives and placed us in better positions then our grandparents and past ancestors.

An example is those digital signs that we find on the road. They start to flash and tell you what your current driving speed is. They can definitely help make driving on the streets safer for everyone.

Some of these signs can even read your registration plate and are used by authorities.

“There used to be an old police saying, ‘If you robbed a bank, please drive carefully (because police probably wouldn’t catch you),’” former NYPD Detective Sergeant and Bronx Cold Case Squad commander Joseph Giacalone explained to Quartz. “But that’s no longer in effect because you can drive slow, you can stop at every red light, but these license plate readers and surveillance cameras track your every movement.”

Another privacy risk that exists in some of our homes is Alexa. I am sure most of you know who or what Amazon’s Alexa is.

Despite suspicions that some of these devices are spying on us, there is yet any concrete evidence that supports this.

CNN reported last month that Alexa had been emitting an eerie cackle that Amazon later claimed was merely a malfunction of the device.

This might also be the same case as what happened to the location watch of a 7-year-old girl in Nebraska. Although her mother doubts that it was a malfunction.

The mother Tiffany gave her daughter the location watch so she would be able to keep track of her when she was away. The watch also records surrounding noises so that if the parent contacts the child and they do not receive a response within 10 second’s, then they would automatically be able to hear the background of where their child is so that they can rest assured that they are ok.

However, one day the watch began to act strangely.

“I got a phone call from her saying that her watch was making funny noises and there’s weird people talking to her on it,” Berney said. “I was like, ‘Oh, she’s overreacting. My oldest has her spooked or something. “Then she had played it and was telling me about it, and I was like, ‘That’s legit.’”

To her shock, they heard the voice of a man say “I just want to play, don’t tell your daddy. Just step into the car.”

It’s hard to figure out if this was just a scary and silly prank or if there was something more serious going on. What is sure that the Berney family are more than shocked of this piece of technology.

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