Photo’s emerge of exhausted firefighters as they continue to battle against the wildfires in California

The most recent death toll of the Northern California fire has risen to 50 of which 48 were from the camp fire alone. The fire has been reported to be the most destructive and deadly blaze in the whole history of the state of California.

President Donald Trump has declared the fire as a major disaster as thousands are left homeless without access to basic facilities. The number of houses destroyed has reached 7600 homes with 135,000 of acres scorched in Northern California.

Credit- Antonio Banderas

Credit- Antonio Banderas

Credit- Antonio Banderas

Despite the efforts of brave firefighters, only 35% of the fire has been extinguished with 65% still remaining a threat for anything to come in its’ way.

As families flee the area to seek refuge, firefighters are constantly battling the uncontrolled blaze. With their courage and strength, the firefighters are trying to limit the catastrophe that the fire is still causing.

Although this is not the first time that California has faced serious fires, the fearlessness displayed by local firefighters has left us in awe.

A photo of one fire crew has gone viral on social media as it shows some sleep derived firefighters lying down to catch some breath before they carry on in their strong attempts to contain the Thomas fire that plundered California in December of 2017.

It is a reminder that there are people still out there saving lives and protecting us as we go about our day.

Credit; kerncountyfirefighters

We pray that this inferno is tamed soon by the joint efforts of the authorities.