118 Year Old Bolivian Woman Celebrates her Birthday by Eating Cake and Playing the Lute

The eldest living people in the world are thought to be two 118 year old seniors living in Bolivia. They are Julia and Zenon who were both born in 1900.

Despite both of them live in Bolivia and are born in the same year, Julia and Zenon have two completely different lifestyles. Whilst Zenon follows a healthy diet of quinoa and wheat, Julia on the other hand is more in favour of a nice slice of cake.

On her 118th birthday, Julia celebrated her special day by playing the Charango which is a type of lute as her family, friends and admirers enjoyed the sound of the music.

Although these two may sound to be the oldest people that have ever lived, there was still a woman who managed to live until the age of 122. This means that Julia needs four more years to break that record!

However, Zenon may be the record holder as the oldest recorded man died at the age of 116. Zenon requires some verification of his official data for him to become the official record holder.

Watch the following video to see Julia and Zenon as they enjoy their 118th year of living!