Haunting outcome two months after pope kissed baby on the head

We all have certain moments in our life that continue to burn out memory, they are those small memories that no matter how much time passes, we never really forget them completely.

Remembering even the most insignificant and smallest of events that occurred years and years ago is rather normal for some. We may over more time, forget them, but that is not what happened to the Masciantonio family who still preserve their memory from when their daughter Gianna met the Pope in Philadelphia.

The family’s friend- Donny Asper- who worked with the FBI was working with the Pope’s security when he visited Philadelphia. He contacted the family to tell them to come to town if they wanted a chance to meet him. The Masciantonio family were more than excited and immediately headed there.

The family were devout Catholics and at the time, little Gianna was diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder in addition to a tumour.

They hoped by going to see the Pope, they may receive his blessings or a prayer to bring healing to their young daughter. Despite the family’s worries of taking Gianna to the busy town centre where the Pope was, they decided to head in the hope that she would get a private prayer that would ease their worries.

As they arrived amongst the masses that were there to see the Pope, `Gianna’s dad picked her up in order to attract the attention of the Pope’s security guards. To their luck, one of them spotted Gianna and picked her up and took her to see the Pope.

Amongst the thousands of people who attended, Gianna was lucky to receive a blessing and kiss by the Pope.

After that day, things went back to normal and as usual the family took Gianna to her regular check with the doctor.

This was approximately 6 weeks fter she had met the Pope. To the shock of Joey and Kristen – Gianna’s parents – the scan conducted by the doctor indicated that Gianna’s tumour had significantly shrunk and that she was steadily recovering.

Was it the blessings and kiss of the Pope that paeticiapted in creating this miracle. According to the family, “the kiss was God’s work, that’s for sure.”