Are you the genius that can find the odd one out?!

During our busy lives in between work, studying and our hectic social lives, we all crave moments of fun that are filled with exciting ways that stimulate our brains. Our brain is just like any other muscle, it will get weaker if we stop stimulating it and that’s why doing brainteasers can do it wonders!

When completing puzzles, we stimulate both our eyes and brains as they tend to work together to try and resolve that puzzle as quickly as possible. If we fail to do so, we feel really bad about ourselves!

As with most things in life, puzzles are not meant to be easy, I have shared these two puzzles with you from YouTube gaming channel EG Mines to stimulate your minds and make sure your concentration levels are high.

Let’s start with the first one. You can see loaaads of hands, but which one is the odd one out?!

You have 10 seconds to find the odd hand

Your time starts NOW!!

Did you manage to find it, you can double check the result in the image below. Well done in advance if you did!

Right, so let’s get started with the next one. In the following image, there are loads of couples and you have to find the odd one out.

Again, you have 10 seconds!

Were you able to find the odd one? Don’t forget that most people can’t find it under 10 seconds. Check below to see the answer”

Were you able to be part of the small percentage of geniuses who resolved this puzzle under 10 seconds, share this with friends and see who can challenge you to the test!