Nurse’s Son Diagnosed With The Flu Just A Few Days After Getting This One Unusual Symptom, This Is A Must Read For All Parent’s!

The time of year has come around for all of us again. This time of year is time for us to all get the flu shot. The flu shot is important since getting the flu is so dangerous. There are two types of Influenza and they are Influenza A, and Influenza B. While Influenza B is almost as dangerous as A, A is the more dangerous as the two since B doesn't mutate as fast as A does. However, not only should you get you and your family their flu shot around this time every year, you should also look out for this one weird, and unusual symptom.

After Brodi Willard, a registered nurse and mom, was concerned after her son developed the hived, she took him to see his pediatrician. After all, every time he would scratch the current ones he had, more would appear and every single time he scratched them, even more would pop up all over his body. After taking her son to see his pediatrician, she was shocked to learn that he had tested positive for Influenza B. For one thing, he didn't have any other symptom but just had the hives.

Apparently, two other children were brought in right before Brodi brought her son in, and had the same symptom of hives but nothing else was happening to them and they were also diagnosed with the B version of Influenza. Because those same two children tested positive for the flu and had the same symptoms, the doctor chose to test her son too and he in fact had the flu.

What a weird symptom this is of the flu now! Once Brodi's son was diagnosed with Influenza B with just having the hives on his body and no other symptom, she decided to post to Facebook to warn everyone about it. Here is what she posted on Facebook:

“PLEASE READ AND SHARE! My son came home from school with Hives. Every time he would scratch, more would appear. We tried changing his clothes and giving him a bath, but nothing helped. I called his pediatrician and they said they had two kids come into the office that day with the same symptoms and they TESTED POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA. I took my son to the doctor this morning and he TESTED POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA B. He has had NO SYMPTOMS. No fever, no cough, no runny nose. He only has hives. Please keep watch on your children so if they develop hives, please call your pediatrician. I have never heard of this symptom but it is obviously something to be on the lookout for.”

This nurses post has gone viral and has had more than 260,000 shares from different people all over social media. Please, if this happens to your child, make sure to get a hold of your pediatrician right away and take them in to get tested for the flu.

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