Man Wants To Solve Homelessness Problem With An Unused Cruise Ship

An unused cruise ship may help solve a small but important part of the homelessness problem in the USA. We have a major problem with homelessness around the country. It isn't just a problem with the older community or the sick but it is also a major problem with the young and those who are healthy. Many, many people these days are homeless and it is a terrible problem to have.

Although it is a major problem in the country, one man plans to try to solve the problem by buying an unused cruise ship. His plan sounds amazing too! If everything works out well enough with the way he thinks it will, the USA will not only have some of the homelessness problem solved by giving those in Portland, Maine, where there are a lot of homeless people living on the streets and sleeping on benches, a home to live in, but it will also turn part of the city into the first ever floating community. The reason for this is because this one man, entrepreneur Ken Capron, plans on buying an unused cruise ship and turning it into apartments for the homeless in Portland. How awesome does this sound!?

Capron says that is it does work out well, there will be five floors with 100 apartments on each floor. That is a lot of homeless problems solved! It will sit along the city's port and will be a floating community. How cool?!

The mayor of Portland says he is definitely on board with this great plan and hopes it works for everyone involved. He says, although it sounds a bit wacky, it will definitely help many people who live on the streets, finally have a home of their own.

The plan hasn't started yet. If it gets approved by the independent investigator who will make sure the plan is even feasible, it will house more than 1,000 people who live on the streets of Portland.

Once it gets the green light from the independent investigator, he will set the plan into motion. However, he also has to talk to the City Committee about it first to make sure they approve of it too.

What do you think? Do you think this will help solve some of the homelessness problem at least in Portland, Maine? If it does, maybe others will follow suit and do the same thing in other cities. How great would that be?

Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!