Three-Year-Old Hospitalized After Playing With So-Called “Harmless” Children’s Makeup Kit

When you have children, you don't ever want them to get sick or end up so sick they have to be hospitalized. You do everything in your power to care for them and keep them safe. However, sometimes this control can be taken out of their hands and there is nothing they can do but sit back and let their child recover in the hospital.

This is what happened to Kylie and Tony's little three-year-old daughter when they bought her a so-called, “harmless” children's makeup kit so she could play dress up with it. Kylie thought it was harmless and didn't read the ingredients in it before applying it to her daughter's lips and eyes. They thought it was a harmless, non-toxic children's toy. They were wrong!

Not too long after applying the makeup to her child's face, little Lydia's body erupted in a rash. Her little eyes swelled up and her lips started cracking. They admitted her into the hospital and she took a week to recover from it. She could barely eat because of her poor little lips cracking from the toxic chemicals in the makeup. The makeup that was supposed to be so harmless wasn't so harmless after all. In fact, it included six different chemicals inside it that could cause an allergic reaction to certain people who were sensitive to it.

Little Lydia, sadly was one of those people. Thankfully she didn't die from it because her parents got her to the hospital on time but she had such a severe allergic reaction to the so-called “harmless” children's makeup, that she was stuck lying in a hospital bed with medications being pumped into her little body for a little over a week.

Lydia's parents, Kylie and Tony posted a message on Facebook to warn parents everywhere to make sure that they read the ingredients lon things like this. It could mean life or death or a severe allergic reaction that your child may have to suffer from if you don't carefully read the ingredients in the makeup or anything else your child plays with or consumes.