Must Watch Video of Rare White Giraffes Caught on Camera for the Very First Time

No one in history has ever seen the rare white giraffes but here they are in this video! What causes them to be completely white? It is a rare genetic condition called Leucism. Leucism is when there are no pigmentation at all in the skin cells. Meaning, they turn out white. This is opposed to being an Albino animal where they have completely white fur but red eyes. The red eyes from being an Albino is because of the blood vessels underneath. However, animals with Leucism have regular color eyes because with this condition, their eyes develop right although the color of their fur doesn't. This is truly amazing to see these white giraffes in this video!

The baby giraffe in the video is showing some spots but they are faint and these faint spots will disappear as the baby gets older. The only problem with these animals having this rare genetic condition is that the white makes them vulnerable to predators as opposed to regular giraffes with camouflage spots on them that can allow them to blend in with their scenery and keep them hidden from predators.

The genes responsible for the Leucism in these awesome creatures include the mitf gene and the c-kit gene. This means that while they are embryos, these genes create a defective transmembrane protein that is the reason for the lack of pigmentation in their skin cells. How amazing is this?

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