Daddy and Toddler Sing “My Girl” In Front Of Mirror

A father is his daughter’s first love. He is the man the girl can look up to and the man who tries his best to teach his baby girl how to grow up in a self-confident lady that would expect nothing less in her life than what her daddy gave her, and that’s respect, devotion, and admiration. The bond between the two is created the moment the baby girl comes into this world, and it only grows stronger throughout the years. It’s the little things in this father-daughter relationship that makes it so fulfilled and fun. Being a dedicated father means spending quality time with your children. This father and his daughter really are something special. Not only they share certain facial features, but their passion for singing as well. The duo performing in front of the mirror is so emotional that it melts the hearts of those who listen to them. The choice of the song makes the performance even more worthy watching.

This is not the first time for these adorable father and daughter to hang out together. Mom Laura often shares photos of her husband and daughter and it’s obvious the daddy goes above and beyond to entertain his lovely girl. But what the mom didn’t expect was for the video of the performance to go viral and catch the eye of so many people. The father holds his daughter’s hands in front of the mirror and they act as though they are on a real stage with the crowd watching them. Once he starts singing ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations, everyone goes nuts and melts in front of the daddy’s song choice. The most amazing part is that the young lady follows as he sings and knows a great deal of the lyrics.

As the father sings the first line that goes: “I’ve got sunshine…” The daughter proceeds singing: “…on a cloudy day.” They continue by trading off verses of the song and gently dancing in front of the mirror. The father sings the first words of each line and that’s all the prompting the sweet toddler needs after which she continues singing on her own. This duet must be the sweetest thing ever. When talking about father’s goals we definitely think of fathers like this one, who is there for his daughter and makes sure her days are full of excitement and fun.

Enjoy the catchy performance and share it with your friends.