Two-Year-Old Little Girl Dies Days After Swallowing Small Battery: A Warning to All Parents

They had Christmas together and everything seemed fine. That is, until a few days later, little Brianna started throwing up and running a fever. She also turned blue so was immediately rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Her parents were baffled only to find out that, as curious as children are and how they love to explore everything, the baby had placed a small battery into her mouth and swallowed it. Although she seemed fine for a few days at first, doctors said what happened was, when she swallowed the battery, it started leaking acid and burned through her little esophagus, causing her to vomit blood, run a fever, and turn blue.

The doctors did everything they could but could not save baby Brianna. She died in the hospital at only two-years-old. All because she was a curious little girl who put a small battery in her mouth.

Doctor's want to warn parents everywhere to ensure that all things like batteries and other dangerous items and even choking hazard items should be kept away from children as much as possible.


Obviously, Brianna's family is devastated. Instead of celebrating and ringing in the New Year, they had to plan their baby's funeral. Also, now, instead of Christmas bringing them joy every year, it brings them a huge sense of sadness and devastation knowing their daughter and granddaughter is gone and didn't get a chance at her own life. She didn't get a chance to grow up and experience what life brings to all of the rest of us. How sad this story is!

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