Sweet Miss Willie the Dog Spends 12 Years Chained to Tree But Gets to Spend Her Last Days Happy

Make sure to get the tissues out because once you read this and watch the video here, you will need them. This is such a sad story with a semi-happy ending. A dog by the name of Miss Willie was neglected by her owners. They left her outside for 12 years chained to a tree and barely paid any attention to her.

One day, the members of PETA, the animal rescue organization came upon Miss Willie as she was chained to the tree. They begged the owners to take her in and let her live a happier life. The owners refused and left her out there. The volunteers from PETA would come by and visit Miss Willie as often as possible and make sure she felt loved and had food. Her owners didn't care! How can people treat poor animals this badly?

PETA volunteers came to visit Miss Willie one day and noticed she was sick. They begged the owners again to let them take her to care for her. They explained to the owners that she was really sick so they finally agreed. The volunteers were happy that they were finally going to get to let Miss Willie be free and happy!

Miss Willie wasn't going to live much longer so they let her live her last days as happily as possible. They made a doggy bucket list for her and let her experience things she never experienced before. She got to lay in a real doggy bed that was really comfortable for the first time ever. She rolled around happily in it!

They took her on a canoe ride, took her to a pizza party and a birthday party with doggy cake that she got to eat and enjoy! She got to enjoy many things that wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the volunteers of PETA rescuing her the way they did.

16 days after Miss Willie was rescued, she started taking her last breaths and her rescuers were there massaging her and petting her while she did. Miss Willie died a happy dog! She will be truly missed by those who were lucky enough to get to know her before she died, even if it wasn't for very long.

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