Simon Cowell Does Have a Heart as He Reunites Lost Puppy With Little Boy

Many people don't like Simon Cowell because of how grouchy he is on TV. However, in real life, he is a really good guy and he actually does have a heart and does nice things for people, even if he isn't asked to.

Seeing little kids being disappointed, especially around Christmas time is heartbreaking as it is. But, when little two-year-old Edward from the United Kingdom lost his puppy, he was heartbroken and didn't know what to do. Poor little Edward was so upset, his family made missing dog posters and put them up for everyone to see. However, there was no response from anyone. Little Edward's family looked and looked and couldn't find the puppy. Edward even wrote a letter to Santa Clause asking for his help.

That is,until Simon Cowell got word about this happening and decided to take matters into his own hands to reunite little Edward with his puppy, Morse. He decided to offer a large reward to anyone who knew where the puppy was, as he wanted to get this dog back with little Edward and his family.

Simon decided to do whatever it took to find this dog and return him home to his family and sweet little Edward so he offered a $10,000 reward for information from anyone who knew about where Morse was or if they had seen him anywhere.

According to Edward's dad, Richard, they finally had information coming in about the puppy. One man said he saw a muddy dog running through the streets and the dog looked just like the one in the missing dog photos. So, he got a hold of the family and although the family didn't know if it was really him or not, as soon as little Edward saw the dog, he knew right away it was his beloved lost puppy, Morse.

Although the Holidays passed them up with Edward being disappointed with no sign of his dear Morse, the family is finally reunited with their dog and Edward couldn't be happier. All thanks to Mr. Simon Cowell!

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