Little 7-Year-Old Girl With a Form of Dwarfism Gets her Wish to Meet Princess Belle

This is a heartwarming story that will make you cry at first but bring a smile to your face at the end. Little 7-year-old, Daisy Perez, who was born with a rare form of Dwarfism called achondroplasia, had one wish and it was to meet Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Make A Wish Foundation is a group that makes children's wishes come true. The Make A Wish Foundation is especially for those who may not live much longer or who have rare diseases that they will live with for the rest of their lives.

Little Daisy's aunt decided to get in touch with the Make A Wish Foundation to set it up to where Daisy could meet her idol, Princess Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. They made her wish come true and more to make her as happy as she could be.

Once the family got into contact with the Make A Wish Foundation, they were all sent on a trip to spend time at Universal Studios, LegoLand, Seaworld, and even got to go skiing, although indoors. But, the highlight of the trip for little Daisy was when she got to meet Princess Belle. She was so happy he reaction was priceless, especially when Belle offered to take her on a tour of France. She was so happy, she started crying happy tears! She even wore a yellow ball gown to look like her idol, Belle.

Belle also took pictures with little Daisy, which made her so happy!

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