Young Man Gives up Seaton Crowded Bus for Pregnant Woman While Adults Stay Put

Many people these days think it is the younger generation who don't have the manners they should. However, after reading this story, you will think twice about that. One day a very pregnant woman got on a busy subway bus in Malaysia. The subway bus was very crowded and the woman had to stand when she first got on. Now, you can imagine how she must have felt to have to be on her feet on public transportation while very pregnant.

None of the adults would move and give up their seat for her. In fact, they all looked away and pretended that she wasn't even there. However, a young teenage boy stood up and gave his seat to the pregnant woman. Such a nice gesture for the generation that isn't supposed to have manners in today's world. Well, he showed that the young people still do have manners by giving up his seat for her.

This video, you can watch here, is going viral and as you can imagine, the adults who ignored the pregnant woman are getting bashed all over social media for what they did, or didn't do for the woman.

What do you think about this young man doing this for this pregnant woman? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let everyone know what you think!