Shelter Dog Says the Best Thank You to Woman Who Rescues Him From Shelter

Although shelter dogs are obviously being taken care of from the volunteers at the shelter, no one knows how they feel living there not having a place they can call home full-time. It must be an amazing feeling for them when someone comes to adopt them and take them to their forever new home where they will feel love and happiness.

A shelter puppy, who was abused by his previous owners, was finally rescued and taken to his new forever home. He was so happy, he thanked his new mama in the best way a dog can. He cuddled up to her, because she was crying for him at how he was treated before she took him, and he nuzzled up to her and put his head into her arm. She sat there and cried more, both happy tears for how grateful she was that she was able to rescue him and, as mentioned, for the way he was treated before he was finally rescued.

The puppy sensed her tears and wanted to comfort her any way that he possibly could. Especially to show her how grateful he was for her to rescue him from the abuse he endured before being taken to the shelter.

What is even better is the responsibility this dog must have felt to make his new owner feel better by cuddling up to her and nuzzling his head against her arm. How sweet is that?

What do you think about this loving dog showing his gratitude for his new owner? Sound off with your opinions on this and let everyone know what you think! Try not to cry!