Abbey, The Dog From ‘I Am Legend’, Is Now 13 And Still A Good Girl

Abbey, the German Shepherd dog from the movie, “I Am Legend” who is a girl but played a male dog named Sam, is still alive and is still going strong. The movie was released 10 years ago and Abbey is now 13-years-old. She does have hearing problems but she still enjoys playing with her ball and chewing on a bone every once in a while.

Will Smith played the owner of Abbey, or also known as Sam, in the movie, “I Am Legend.” When Smith was younger he had a dog who got hit by a car and killed and swore he wouldn't have another dog because of the heartbreak it caused him to lose his beloved dog when he was a young boy. However, during the filming of the movie and getting to spend so much time with Abbey, he fell completely in love with her and begged her owner to let him have her. However, they weren't giving up their dog and Smith realized she already had a loving family that she knew well and loved. He also decided that it was just another one of those whirlwind Hollywood romances that happen on set a lot.

Abbey may be older now and have a hard time hearing but she is doing well and is still living with her owner and trainer, Steve Berens. Berens said it wasn't hard to train her to act, and that she learned and came on to the basics of it pretty quick. Although it was still a bit stressful to both Abbey and her owner.

Berens also stated that most actors, when they work with animals, they are usually not interested in the animal much but Will Smith was different and got along well with Abbey and got attached to her pretty fast. He begged to let Berens have her but he was not giving her up to anyone.

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