Warning: Vaping Can Cause Wet Lung

Vapes, also known as e-cigarettes, when used right and in moderation can be safer than smoking real cigarettes. In fact, according to the NHS, vaping is 97 percent safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

However, according to CNN, within weeks of trying the vape, one 18-year-old teenage girl found out that vaping can still cause serious health issues. There are two things vaping can cause; wet lung and popcorn lung but only if done too much.

An 18-year-old girl who was working as a hostess at a restaurant, started using the vape. Within weeks of using it, she started coughing excessively, had severe chest pains, and started experiencing shortness of breath. She went to the emergency room and doctors were stunned that she was deteriorating so rapidly. They didn't know the cause and didn't know what to do.

The young teenage woman was scared and was given antibiotics but they were not enough to help her. She was then put on a ventilator to help her breath because she was dying and couldn't breath on her own. Doctors had to place tubes into her lungs to drain the liquid from them.

She was not able to get enough oxygen into her blood and was then put on a mechanical ventilator so the machine could breath for her. She was dying right before their eyes.

The doctors finally were able to figure out that she had a condition called wet lung. Wet lung is a term used to describe when a person becomes sensitive to pneumonitis caused by the ingredients in the vape, or e-cigarette. She had to stay on the ventilator machine until her lungs started working on their own again and during that time, was also given a drug to counteract severe allergic reactions.


Within the next few days after this, she began a miraculous recovery and has survived this terrible and scary ordeal, one that she will never forget.

Excessive vaping can also cause something called popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is a term to describe when certain flavors of the e-juice have it in them and can cause excessive coughing and wheezing.

Before deciding to vape instead of smoke, although it is 97 percent safer than smoking actual cigarettes, consider that it too can cause serious health risks unless done properly. Do your research on vaping and find out how to vape before trying it. The research you do can help you understand how to truly use them safely.