Baby Rhino Gets Wounded Trying to Protect His Mother From Poachers

Warning! You are about to read a very sad story. One that is heartbreaking because no matter what any of us do, these heartless poachers who are only after one thing will not stop until something is done to stop them. What that is, we don't know yet! This story is about a baby rhino who got wounded trying to protect his mother who was killed by poachers who only wanted hr horn. The baby is only wounded and survives the physical wounds because rescuers found him in time. However, the sad crying noise he still makes, mourning for his mother, is heartbreaking. His emotional wounds may never heal because of these heartless people!

The baby was taken back to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary where rescuers saved his life. He had a machete wound in his back, a toenail broken clear to the nail bed, and he was so terrified by the time they got there to get him. Although surgery was done to save him and he survived, who will teach him everything he needs to know to live a normal life now? You see, according to the rescuers, it was in his instincts to stay with his mother to protect her. Mother Rhino's and baby's stay together until the baby is at least three and a half years old. During these years, mama will teach him how to get along with other rhinos, how to find food, and everything else he needs to know to survive on his own.

Although he is still at the Sanctuary and in recovery, there is now no one to teach him this stuff and he is still crying for his mother. He doesn't understand that she will never come back to him because of the heartless people who took her life for the horn they wanted from her.

What can be done to stop poaching? Surely something can be done to stop these horrific acts of violence against these animals. This rhino didn't deserve to die and the baby doesn't deserve to live a life without his mother but now he has to!

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