Earthing Can Make You Healthier and Happier

Earthing, or otherwise known as grounding is walking barefoot on the ground. Studies show that by walking barefoot on the ground, earthing or grounding, can make you healthier and happier overall. How does this work, though? According to Dr. James Oschman who is an energy expert and a Biology Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, the positive neutrons from the Earth will go over and inside your entire body when you are walking barefoot. There are so many healthy problems earthing can solve. Keep reading to learn more about what grounding can do for you and your health.

Earthing, placing your barefeet on the ground and walking in the dirt, sand, or grass, can be a potential treatment for chronis degenerative disease. It can also help treat problems you may be having with sleep, inflammation, pain, chronic stress, cardiovascular disease, and more. The study found that grounding is just as important for your healthy along with nitrition, good sleep, and exercise.

Another aspect of grounding that was found to be beneficial is that it can help reduce inflammation when falling and the fall causes an injury. It was found during the study that just by placing your feet on the ground, the free electrons in the Earth can spread throughout your body and all over your body and help you stay healthy and happy. It can also provide helpful antioxidents for your body. It can also regulate facial blood flow, prevent you from aging, and can provide heart health benefits.

Another positive think about grounding or earthing is to do so during exercise and it will enhance the benefits of your workout.

What do you think about grounding or earthing? Will you start walking on the ground barefeet when you can? Will you also start exercising in your barefeet? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let everyone know what you think!