Performing Arts Teacher Shuts Homophobic Mom Down With Awesome Response After She Takes Children From His Classroom Because he is Gay

One Christian mother decided to sign her children up at a performing arts school for children ages 8 to 13. However, once she learned that the teacher at the school was gay, she took the children out of the school immediately. She texted him telling him that because of his sexuality, she couldn't let her children attend where a man teacher liked other men since their beliefs are that men and women belong together and nothing else.

Although this mom is a bigot and said this to this teacher, the teacher shut her up real quick by telling her that he is not disappointed at all. He also asked her what if her children get sick and the only doctor that could treat them was a gay doctor. Would she choose her children's health or would she still be acting this way? He also said that it was alright that he could give their spot to other children who were LGBTQ and who might appreciate the class more. That shut her up real quick!

What do you think of this mom being this way toward this teacher? Do you think this was right of her to take her children out of this drama class just because the teacher is gay? Another thing he said to her was that “theater without gay people was like cooking without spices.” That is really true too if you think about it!

Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!