Elderly Teacher’s Letter Goes Viral: Do You Agree With Her?

An elderly teacher sat down one day and wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. According to her letter, which has since gone viral, she says that the problems with kids these days isn't the teachers or even the kids, it is the parent's and how they raise their children. First of all, in the letter the teacher says she doesn't understand how a child can come to school with expensive shoes on but not the right school supplies to do their school work with. She says that it is mainly the teachers who buy the school supplies for the children since the parent's don't do it.

The tracher states that it isn'tthe teacher's that are the problem, it is the parent's for not parenting the way they should be. The problem with parent's these days is that they try too hard to be friends with their children instead of being the parent's they truly should be.

You can read the letter here. Once you read this letter, you decide whether you agree or disagree with the teacher's opinions about the parent's.

Read the letter and let us know below if you agree with this teacher or not. Do you think the problems with kids these days is the teachers or the parents?Sound off with your opinion and let us know what you think.