Cop Stops When he Sees a Mom Mowing the Grass With Baby in Front Carrier, Then This Happens

There are many women out there who can take care of children, their husband, and the household all-in-one without blinking an eye. Many mom's hold down the house and take care of the children while their husband's are bringing the money in. Being a homemaker is a job within itself.

One mom, Rachel Brindley may be one of the super mom's out there. She decided to help her husband while he was working on his own project, by cutting the grass herself. However, she also had a four-month-old baby to care for and didn't know what she was going to do. Until she had an idea. She decided to put the baby in a baby carrier and attach it to her front.

She does this with the baby and starts cutting the grass. Then, the police drive by slowly and pull in her driveway. Rachel starts panicking thinking she did something wrong and stops cutting the grass to find out why the cops are at her house. Then, the police officer surprises her by offering to cut the grass for her. He didn't just offer either, he actually cut the lawn for her and her husband.

According to the police officer, he saud that he couldn't just drive by the house and watch her cut the grass while she is holding a baby in a baby carrier attached to her front, without actually offering to cut it and then mow the lawn for them. How nice of him to do this for Rachel and her husband? After all, they are both very busy people with kids and a home to care for while her husband works.

What do you think about this nice gesture this police officer did for Rachel Brindley and her husband? Sound off with your opinion and let everyone know what you think about this