Dad Teaches Son a Good Lesson to Stop Him From Bullying Others

Bullying seems to be getting worse and worse every day. Every time you turn on the news, they talk about someone hurting someone else. However, bullying is now getting to the point where kids are getting killed. Although this is the case, there is something that can be done to stop kids from bullying others and even each other.

In this case, we are about to talk about is where parenting gets good. This one is what you call parenting at its finest! One dad from the south is trying to keep his son from bullying others by his standards. Keep reading to learn how he is teaching his son not to bully others.

His son got suspended off the school bus for three days because he was bullying other kids on the bus and at school. So, in order to teach him a lesson, his dad made him run to school in the rain while he drove the car beside his son running.

That's right! Some might call this cruel but we think this tops the cake with parenting! Good for this southern dad, right? For the whole three days, the boy has to run to school with his backpack on his back whether it is raining, cold, or sunny out.

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