Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Gets Mocked by Some Nasty Fans and This Happens

Many girls in high school dream of being a cheerleader. After all, when you are a cheerleader, you are with the popular crowd. Being popular is one thing Desiree Andrews has always wanted and when she became a cheerleader, she was elated about it.

Although Desiree is a cheerleader, she is a little different than the rest of them. You see, Desiree has Down Syndrome. But she doesn't let that stop her from pursuing her dream of being a cheerleader and being popular.

Yes, Desiree Andrews is a popular cheerleader and she has Down Syndrome. So, what, right? Well, according to Good Insidious, there were some mean fans at the basketball game watching it, but making fun of her while she was cheering her team since she is a cheerleader and it is her job to cheer the players on. Desiree's dad was in the audience and saw what was happening. However, Desiree is a strong 14-year-old girl and did not let them bother her one bit. She even calmed her father down by telling them that although they were making fun of her, and they were very mean, she still loved them. How wonderful this little girl is! She has such a big heart, doesn't she?

Not only did Desiree say this but two of the basketball players stopped playing the game, right in the middle of the game and stood up for her. These two teenage heroes told the nasty fans to back off her and leave her alone. Wow! How awesome is that?

Because of what they did for this young girl, they received awards and medals for their heroism. However, they said they didn't do it for that but for their friend, Desiree. See, there are still good people in this world and two of them are middle school basketball players.

Because of what happened, Desiree's father had to fight back tears when he shook the boys' hands. Not sad tears but tears of joy for their bravery and heroism for sticking up for his daughter.

Many people think Down Syndrome is a disability but this young girl doesn't let it stop her from living the life she wants to live. We all could take a chapter out of her book and learn a thing or two from her and the two teenage heroes.

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