116-Year-Old Woman From Italy Gives Praise to This One Superfood For Living a Long Life

We would all love to live such a long life. We could if we really took care of ourselves like the 116-year-old Italian woman who gives praise to this one superfood for living such a long life. If we exercised, ate right, and didn't smoke cigarettes or drink too much alcohol, we could all live for a long time. However, many of us won't be as lucky as Giuseppina Projetto. She lived to be 116-years-old! Wow!

Although that is a great age to live, there is one older woman from France who lived to be 122-years-old. That is crazy!

This lovely “young” woman attributed to this one amazing superfood to living such a long life like she did. What is it, you wonder? Dark chocolate! That's right! One food that we all love and all you need is one piece of dark chocolate every day. That's it! Oh and exercise and eating right will help too, of course.

Giuseppina was known in Italy as the “Nonna of Italy” The reason for this is because she was the oldest woman in the country and would have been the oldest woman in the world if the older woman, who was 122, from France didn't take the title first.

What do you think about this? Do you love dark chocolate? Make sure to eat one piece of it every day to live a long and healthy life! Dark chocolate is a good treat because it is full of antioxidants. Who wouldn't want to eat this special, yummy treat every day?

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