Don’t Mess With This 77 Year Old Grandma!

A 77-year-old woman was standing at the ATM getting money out of her pension check when three men came up to her and tried to rob her of every dime she had in the bank. If she wouldn't have done what she did, they would have and would have gotten away with it. Keep reading to learn what this 77-year-old woman did to save herself and all of the money she had in the bank.

According to Newsner, 77-year-old Winifred went to the ATM to get some money out of her bank account when three men thought they were going to rob her blind. Well, they messed with the wrong grandma because good-old Winifred acted fast before they drained her bank account and she pushed one of the men into the wall bashing his head against it three times with everything she had in her, and hurting him. Because of her doing this, all three men took off like dogs with their tails between their legs.

Now, not only did she save herself and the only money she had to her name by doing this, but she also was able to get the men arrested. How? They noticed the gash on the one man's head and knew he was one of the ones who tried to rob her. Winifred called the police after they ran and they all three ended up confessing to the crime. The three men said they went into town to find an “easy target” and instead found a fiesty old woman who wasn't going to let the little bit of money she had go and wasn't going to let these men hurt her. Go grandma!!