Elvis Presley and Daughter Lisa Marie’s Haunting Duet Together More Than 41 Years Since He Passed Away

Although it has been more than 41 years since Elvis Presley has passed away, it seems just like yesterday to his one and only child and daughter, Lisa Marie. However, to honor her father's passing and to remember him, Lisa is seen in a never before released until now video doing a haunting duet with her late father who has been gone for quite some time now.

Watch the video below and try not to cry as they put a video of Elvis in with Lisa Marie singing one of her father's hit gospels, “Where No One Stands Alone.” I dare you to not be moved to tears, especially if you are an Elvis Presley fan.

According to reports, during a recent interview with the British talk show, Lorraine, Lisa admits to still asking for her late father's guidance on things that matter the most to her. This is especially true for the addiction she has faced in recent years. She says she prayed to God and asked for her father's help and guidance in getting off the drugs. According to Lisa, it was like her late father, Mr. Elvis Presley himself, brought his hand down to her and guided her to where she needed to go to get the help she needed.

It is no different now. She wanted to do a “duet” with her dad, even while he is gone out of this world and she did. Lisa Marie said she asked for her father's help with this new record and she said he helped her, even if he is not “here” physically. He is still with her in her heart and in spirit.

Whst do you think of the duet the two “did” together? Sound off with your opnion and remember, I dare you not to cry when listening to this song and watching the video of Elvis Presley and his beloved only daughter sinnging a duet together of “Where No One Stands Alone.”