After 117 Years in Business, NECCO Candy Factory Closes its Doors

NECCO Candy Factory unexpectedly closed down last month only giving their workers a few day notice letting them know they can pickup their final paychecks the Friday after. NECCO Candy Factory was located in Massachusetts and were the makers of Sweetheart Candies and Mary Janes just to name a few.

According to reports, NECCO has been sold to three different companies so far. In May of this year, the candy factory was sold to Spangled Candies who is the maker of Dum Dum Suckers and Circus Peanuts. That company, however, backed out of buying NECCO at the last minute.

Round Hill Investments, LLC is another company that bought NECCO Candy Factory, buying them out of bankruptcy. However, they did not make their last payment, claiming they had to pay unexpected money out for several FDA violations that NECCO was under. Although this may be the case, they eventually sold the whole candy factory to an unnamed company or person and this was the last straw for them. The factory workers were under the assumption that the rent was paid up until at least November, letting them think that they at least had a job until then. That wasn't the case. They were told their final paychecks were to be given to them the next coming Friday and that was it. The factory is officially closed now.

If you any of these candies made by this factory are a favorite of yours, you should stock up now!