Homeless dog sits in passenger seat on bus!

Animal lovers exist all over the world as they strive to improve the lives of both pets and wild animals.

These people can be those that we don’t even expect, whether it’s a teacher, doctor, cleaner or in this case a bus driver.

The kindness of this bus driver is shown when it was caught on video how the driver let a homeless Pooch sit in the passenger seat on the bus.

The bus driver was on his usual route when he noticed that there was a dog in the passenger seat. He initially thought that the dog was owned by someone who forgot about the dog and went off the bus.

The friendly pooch was casually sitting on the passenger seat and watching out of the window.

The kind driver reached the last stop but decided to not let the dog off as it was too far from where he initially got on and decided to let him stay on the route for his journey back.

Many may be surprised how the dog was treated as a human and was left to sit on the bus seat like any other passenger. You can really see how the kind hearted bus driver took into consideration the dog’s feelings and ensured that he dropped him off to where he got on from.

You can watch the following video that was filmed by the bus driver of his dog passenger:

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