2-year-old girl records a funny rant after having to go through airport security

Mila Stauffer is a 2-year-old girl from Arizona who was travelling with her family to Michigan. Because of her young age, it was not surprising that Mila did not expect to have to go through the whole airport security check ordeal.

Being a toddler and having to go through airport security is rather annoying. If they are in a stroller or pram, they have to be taken out, their stroller has to be folded. If they have a coat on, then it has to be removed.

Young children also have to remove their shoes and any other items including dummies. This can make it a terrible ordeal as it usually ends in tears and screams.

Mila and her 4 siblings went through security in the same way that everyone else went. However, the 2-year-old felt strongly about the experience and was clearly not happy with the whole process.

As soon as they returned home, Mila exploded with a rant and told the camera how horrible security was and how they even dared to take her Sippy cup!

Mila ended the video with some sassiness and said that she will never go through airport security again.

Check out the video below to see what else Mila had to say.