Donkeys Suffer Terrible Acts of Animal Cruelty By Being Slaves For Tourist Rides

It seems that donkeys have been slaves to people for many, many years. Now, they are suffering terrible and horrific acts of animal cruelty just to provide rides for the tourists of Santorini. Not only do these poor animals have to take people to the top of Fira, a Greek Island of Santorini, but many of these tourists are overweight. Because of this, these poor donkeys are suffering from having to carry these overweight tourists to the top of this Island just so they can our the island. Although these people are riding the donkeys to get to the top of the Island, they do not know the horrific acts of animal cruelty the owners of this place are putting onto these suffering donkeys.

According to Newsner, the donkeys are often bloody and crippled by the time the long day is over. They are in such horrible conditions and so tired from not getting the breaks they need, riding these heavy people up to the steep top of the hill, that they cannot even get to their feet by the time the day is over.

The owners of this tour keep the crippling and bloody effects the donkeys are suffering, hidden from the tourists. They do not know they are a part of their suffering. It is terrible the way these donkeys are treated.

There is something that can be done and is being done about this, however. Animal Rights Activists are taking a stand and fighting against the terrible suffering of these poor animals. The tourists can do something too by refusing to ride the donkeys during the tours.

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