Women Prefer Men With Beer Bellies

According to a research study that was done by researchers at Yale University, women prefer men with beer bellies as opposed to men who are skinnier or those who have abs. Not only this but these men with beer bellies also live a lot longer than other men.

Newser reports that if these men also already have children, it means they are fertile which increases their appeal. Not only this but if men also have a decrease in their testosterone levels, it means they are less likely to suffer from a heart attack and prostate cancer. The reason for this is because of the extra fat they are carrying around with them.

Also, because of the extra body fat men with beer bellies are carrying around, this means they are more likely to pay more attention to the family they have at home, versus going out and finding another woman and straying from their current partner.

Congrats to men with beer bellies since you will live longer and you get more women!

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