5-year-old Sophie shocks Simon Cowell by performing Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is well known for New York, New York. No one can really do it as good as him. However, brave Sophie Fatu who was only 5 years old was able to step up to the mark as she hit the America’s Got Talent stage.

As Simon Cowell lays his eyes on her, he doubted her and asked her what she would do if she won the million-dollar prize. Sophie knew how to respond, she told him that she just wanted to sing for everyone and spread happiness.

Sophie definitely achieved this as her performance was outstanding and joyful, it has already accumulated over a half a million view online.

Sophie Fatu loves singing and was brave enough to enter the notorious television show America’s Got Talent. All the crowd could do was to cheer on the little girl as she displayed them a fantastic performance full of energy and joy.

Sophie is also the youngest participant in the history of America’s Got Talent. Watch her amazing performance allow:

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