Try and find the odd smiley in 10 seconds or is it mission impossible?

Solving brain teasers is a good way of either making you feel good about yourself, because you get it right the first time, or the complete opposite – absolutely dumb!

The good thing about them is they keep your brain on 1000% focus so you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else until you solve it. Sometimes brain teasers and optical illusions aren’t even that hard, but they can be hard to figure out from the first time.

Playing them with your friends and family makes it all so competitive and makes sure that you are all determined to be the one to figure it all out first.

The picture below has 152 smiling emojis, but only of one them looks a bit happier than the rest. Try and find out which one it is, you have 10 seconds, ready, steady and go!!

Were you able to find it. If not, it’s ok, it can be a little tricky. Look at the picture below to find out where the odd smiley is, it’s circled in red.

If you were able to figure it all out, share it with your friends and find out if they can find it too!