Dog trapped in a hot car for 2 hours suffers a painful death

Temperatures tend to soar during the summer, and particularly inside cars as there is no air flowing in and out as they are parked.

However, the following incident that happened is a triggering one.

Please read what happened so this does not happen again.

Last Friday, in Sonnesberg. Germany, an English bulldog was left in a car that was parked in a supermarket car park as the owner decided to do some shopping. On that particular day, the weather was 86 degrees Fahrenheit as was pretty high for German weather.

According to Focus, the dog was found dead by witnesses and officers who found the dog in a horrific scene of vomit and urine. This indicated that the dog had suffered terribly before he let go of his last breath.

The owner of the dog was in fact on holiday and had left his dog with his sister to take care of him. Since it was already too late when help arrived, there was nothing that could have been done to save the poor dog.

Following this, a complaint was made as the incident was in breach of the Animal Protection Act.

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