Footage of Man taking Patients to their Room Goes Viral

Lindon Beckford is one of those employees that goes above and beyond their daily work. Having worked in his current role for over 30 years, he has helped put smiles on many faces and tries and makes patients as comfortable as possible. As Lindon transports patients from their operation room to their own room, he tries to put them at ease. After all, being in hospital can be worrying and stressful.

Lindon understands that after having an operation, returning back to your room can be a frightening experience. Patients still don’t know if they will recover properly, or whether their operation was even successful. That’s. why Lindon makes sure he does his best to make sure they are not worried as long as he is on duty.

He introduces himself to patients and says that he will be their chauffeur

Music is really a powerful tool to help someone change their mood, and Lindon knows this more than well. He smiles and uses music to bring a smile also on the patients he is transporting to their room. When Lindon started his job, he was known for singing to patients to pass time.

He soon realised that the patients actually enjoyed his singing as he wheeled them from one room to another. He even started getting requests for certain songs from patients and they even join in and sing with him1

When Lindon sings to the patients, they feel more relaxed. The hospital setting changes from a place of worry to a. place of joy. It is a good way for helping them take their minds of their worries and really means a lot to them.

You can watch this great video of Lindon as he explains what he does and the impact it has on patients: