Janitor discovered something unbelievable as he was cleaning the bin in a gym

Schools have all types of staff that contribute to their efficient management and operation.

However, there is one type of skillset that is often overlooked, which is the role of janitors. Luckily, the pupils and staff at Anderson Country High School in Kentucky USA were more than thankful for their Janitor Rick Spaulding.

Ricky Spaulding also known as Ricky was very appreciative of his job working at Anderson Country High School. He was known to be a caring man that always helped others.

One thing was missing in Ricky’s life was his son who lived in Italy. He had not seen him for a year and had not been able to also meet his own grandchild.

Saving money to travel to Italy from the United States was difficult for Ricky and his wife.

But thanks to the best colleagues anyone can wish for, his dreams were soon to become a reality….

When his colleagues learned about his situation, they decided to collect and raise money to fund his trip to Italy. Parents, students and colleagues all managed to raise $1,900.

They decided to surprise him. One day, they asked Ricky to do some work at the gymnasium and specifically told him to keep an eye out on the rubbish bins.
Ricky’s reaction as he looks down at the bin was unbelievable.

Watch this video to find out more about this amazing gesture of the students and colleagues for Anderson Country High School.