Eight signs to find out if you need a mental break

Sometimes we get really exhausted, whether its balancing life at work, with our families or whilst studying, it really can become stressful. The things that we tend to enjoy start to become tedious and we feel constantly overwhelmed.
Most likely, this means that you are experience emotional and mental exhaustion. To make sure, look out for these key warning signs to help you decided if you need to stop and recharge!

1. No Motivation
If you feel that you are procrastinating and can’t get anything done on time, then you probably are exhausted. Basic tasks become horrible chores for you and you feel like you just do the very basics rather than input creativity and effort as you would usually do.

2. Easily annoyed
The smallest comment or question just annoys you. You would prefer to cut ties with the whole world and stay at home in bed and enjoy a good sleep. Try and take some time off spending so you have the chance to rest and recharge.

3. Not able to sleep
If you are constantly awake at night and tossing and turning with different thoughts in your head, then you definitely need a rest. Try and relax and. Do some meditation techniques to relax your mind, this will surely help you relax so you have a better night’s sleep.

4. Panic Attacks
Having anxiety and panic attacks is pretty normal for someone who is mentally stressed, particularly if you are not resting and sleeping. This is nothing to be ashamed of, try and take some deep breaths and do something calm alone. It gets easier with time!

5. Simple things make you upset
When you’re stressed and exhausted, you easily get upset. You might feel that you are constantly on the verge of tears, and that is normal. If someone comments or criticizes you, you might take it seriously and burst out crying. When this happens, you need to take time off and have a break for a few days.

6. Crying
Stress and anxiety can cause you to be in a hypersensitive state. If you feel that you are on the verge of tears, then this indicates that your emotions have reached their peak. Remove yourself from stressful situations and take time to control yourself again.

7. Feeling dizzy and Nauseous
One of the key signs of being mentally exhausted is dizziness. Stress can take a toll on your body so it’s natural that you feel nauseous. You shouldn’t ignore this, visit your doctor and see what they can offer you to make you feel better again.
8. Detachment
When stressed, you sometimes feel out of place, as if you do not belong on this world. This is only temporary, relaxing will help you overcome these feelings.

If you notice someone with these signs, share this article so they get the help that they need!