Study Concludes the Husbands Are as Stressful as children According to their wives.

Married women have a lot of responsibilities, particularly when children and a family are involved. Trying to be a great wife, a caring mum and being your best without a day off has become your day to day life. It’s not so surprising that women are always stressed out!

Sometimes, it is commonly forgotten that husbands are one of the primary sources of stress as well. Some women feel that their husbands are also another child rather than someone who helps them put. Do husbands really cause more stress? The multiple roles that women take in their relationship and family life is possibly harder than the role of superwoman. This means their stress can really affect their daily life and work!

According to, a survey was conducted which had over 7000 mothers participating. The results concluded that the average mum had a stress level of 8/5/10. The most surprising part? Out of the 7,000 women, 46% of them said that their stress is caused by their partner rather than their kids!

Even more, the survey stated that 75% of the mothers said that they were responsible for most of the household and parenting roles, which caused them more stress. Another concern was that one out of five mums indicated that they did not feel they were getting sufficient assistance from their husbands. They stated that there was simply no enough time to do everything by themselves.

The University of Padova also conducted a study that when husbands die before their wives, the wife becomes healthier. However, it is the complete opposite if the wife dies before her husband, as that would mean he would have to do everything.

How can this be fixed?

It is important to communicate your feelings and concerns to your partner to help relieve the stress. Try and make a list of all the household chores and then split them equally to help each other.

Sometimes, women take on more chores even if their husbands offer to help because they feel that they will do a better job. By trusting your partner, you will become a team that will support each other without getting overly stressed.

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